Apple Watch also want to learn from the iPhone, the 8th generation may have “Pro” version

There have been rumors recently that Apple will launch a new line of Apple Watch, previously thought to be a sports-oriented “extreme version,” but Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman said the product is more like a “Pro” positioning. Gurman (Mark Gurman) said the product is more like a “Pro” positioning


That’s what Gurman revealed in his “Power On” chat on Sunday. It comes after multiple sources mentioned that Apple is developing a new Apple Watch model with a larger display and a more rugged case for extreme sports users.

The Apple Watch Series 8 series could have The Apple Watch Series 8 could have an extra “Pro” suffix, and Apple may even drop the “Edition” to make room for a watch that was previously available in 18-karat gold/ceramic and other materials. This series.

Gurman believes the new line will be named Apple Watch Pro to match its larger size and greater protection. The use of “Pro” will enhance the model’s status. “The smartwatch is designed to appeal to extreme sports athletes and anyone who might buy a high-end Garmin sports watch for an intense workout,” Gurman wrote.

The Apple Watch Pro could have a larger screen and a bigger battery, S8 chip and temperature sensor, and could start at close to $900. Gurman said a larger display and the use of more high-quality materials could bring a higher price.

In addition to the hardware, Gurman also mentioned the rumored watchOS low-power mode’s, which was thought to be announced at WWDC but failed to appear, though it could still be announced at a later date.



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